CrossFit Southside

CrossFit Southside

We are a gym focused on building a great fitness community in the Southside of Jacksonville, Florida. We are big on coaching, education and the right people. We study and teach the mechanics of good movement, and focus on consistency and intensity. Our programming is based on the foundational principles of CrossFit. We offer supplemental sessions in each of those elements. We do this so every level of member can not only participate, but grow.

We have had the opportunity to travel the country teaching and lecturing at CrossFit Certifications as part of the HQ team. We regularly host Level 1, Level 2, and Specialty Courses. We have borrowed from dozens of quality facilities, programs and coaches. This gym is what we believe to be the very best parts of CrossFit. . . right here in Southside.

Justin Bergh
Founder, Owner CrossFit Southside
Co-director of the CrossFit Games.

T.J. Cooper
Founder, Owner CrossFit East
CrossFit Affiliate # 3 est. 2001

7018 AC Skinner Pkwy Suite 260 Jacksonville, FL 32256

Chris Christos • Zack Anderson • Otto Cochran • Jordan Rooks • Coach Rick • Lauren Huish • TJ Cooper

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Show Calendar



08-15-2018 WOD

Date 08/15/18

1 Rep Max Clean

08-14-2018 WOD

Date 08/14/18

7 Rounds
40m Sled Push
8 Handstand Push Up

08-13-2018 WOD

Date 08/13/18

100 Pistols
EMOM 1 Rope Climb

08-10-2018 WOD

Date 08/10/18

3 Rounds
20 Pull Ups
20 Ring Dips
40 Double Unders

08-09-2018 WOD

Date 08/09/18

Back Squat

08-08-2018 WOD

Date 08/08/18

100 Power Clean
*Every Minute on the Minute complete 3 Push Jerk

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